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We even have Tsunami E-Liquid, NovaTanks and Pink Spot e-cig products!

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eCig Specials
eGo and Tsunami Kits $39.95 !!!
(Kits include battery, Tank, USB Charger, Wall Charger, and Case)
10ml bottles of Tsunami E-liquids $7.43 !!!

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cigarette, personal vaporizer or PV, is an electronic inhaler that vaporizes a liquid solution into an aerosol mist, simulating the act of tobacco smoking. Electronic cigarettes are no longer marketed as smoking cessation aids or tobacco replacement in most countries. A study by researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health in 2010 concluded that electronic cigarettes were safer than real cigarettes and may aid in breaking the habit of smoking. Researchers said that while further studies on electronic cigarettes were needed, “few, if any, chemicals at levels detected in electronic cigarettes raise serious health concerns.” Electronic cigarettes were found to be “much safer” than traditional tobacco ones, and had a level of toxicity similar to existing nicotine replacements. According to this report, the level of carcinogens in electronic cigarettes is up to 1,000 times lower than regular cigarettes, and early evidence shows that electronic cigarettes may help people to stop smoking by simulating a tobacco cigarette.

Source: Wikipedia

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Pink Spot Vapor for e-Cigarettes

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Tsunami e-Liquid for Electronic Cigarettes

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Electronic Cigarette

eGoKits – Electronic Cigarette

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Designer Batteries for eCigarettes

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eGo-C-Twist Electronic Cigarette

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Tsunami Kits for eCigarettes

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